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How to Find Your Ring Size

Ring & Finger Sizing

At Paul Bram, we delight in helping you find your perfect ring size with precision and care.

Understanding the Basics

Ring Sizing

Embarking on the journey to select an engagement ring, a wedding band, or a special piece to mark another of life's important occasions should be a seamless and intimate experience.

Your ring should fit comfortably, snug enough so that it will not slip off, but loose enough so that it can slide over your knuckle with some resistance. Temperature, humidity, and physical activity can affect the size of your fingers, so it is important to consider this when measuring your finger size.

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Using Our Ring Sizing Guide

You can find your measurement with our user-friendly ring sizing guide, which can be downloaded online. For accuracy, set your printer to the 'none' option for page scaling before printing. If you own a ring that fits the finger intended for your new piece, place it over our printed guide, aligning it with the inside edge of the ring illustrations until you find a perfect circle match. For a direct method, our printable ring sizer can be cut and wrapped snugly around the finger. The visible number that aligns with the slit on the sizer will reveal your ring size.


Measure your finger at the end of the day when it is most likely to be at its largest.


Avoid measuring when your hands are cold, as fingers can be half a size smaller.


If you are in between two sizes, opt for the larger size for comfort.


Take into consideration the width of the band - wider bands may require a larger size.

Caring for the Fit

Once you have your perfect ring, remember that your ring size might change over time due to various factors, including weight changes, age, or health. We at Paul Bram are committed to ensuring your ring remains a perfect fit throughout your journey.

Ring Sizing

International Ring Sizes

Our rings are presented in Australian standard sizes. For international size comparisons and finger circumference, please refer to our easy-to-follow conversion chart, which can be downloaded here.

Every detail, from design to fit, is a testament to our commitment to excellence. At Paul Bram, we believe that the art of fine jewellery is not just in the creation but in the cherished moments it represents, starting with a perfect fit.

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Resizing Guide

Full-Circle Rings

At Paul Bram, our Full-Circle Rings blend modern aesthetics with traditional values. These rings are beautifully handcrafted in either platinum or 18ct gold and feature a full circle of hand-selected diamonds matched for shape, cut and colour. This design creates a clean, continuous line of light around the finger, symbolising continuity and unity, making them ideal choices for wedding or anniversary bands.

Our full-circle rings are custom-made to ensure a flawless fit, as their unique design does not allow for easy resizing. Therefore, we recommend professional sizing by our Paul Bram team to guarantee perfection.

Choose a full-circle ring from Paul Bram to celebrate life's most precious moments with a band of unending brilliance. Visit us for a fitting that promises a lifetime of comfort and sparkle.

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