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By Prue Bell

Top 6 Engagement Ring Trend Predictions for 2024 - Part Two

06 October 2023

Building on part one - our dive into the designs and trends for the year ahead is illuminating, and luxurious. Here's a guide to navigating this luxurious world of engagement rings as you plan for the year ahead.

Interlaced Elegance: The Dual-Banded Rings

Navigating away from the confines of tradition, modern couples are curating their unique love stories through their ring choices. The double-banded engagement ring emerges as a refined interpretation of contemporary design. Inspired by the elegance of stacked bands, this design captures the imagination with its two bands elegantly distanced, cradling the centrepiece as if it's levitating. A sophisticated deviation from convention, this style personifies the beauty of modern commitment.

Duel-Band Engagement Rings

Whispers of the Past: Timeless Vintage Rings

Rekindling the flames of bygone eras, vintage-styled engagement rings weave stories of timeless love. The allure of these treasures lies in their history, whether it's an Art Deco gem sparkling with symmetrical grandeur or a Victorian classic glowing in rich yellow gold. Edwardian designs, with their dainty floral motifs and enigmatic coloured gemstones, beckon lovers of intricate craftsmanship. These designs often merge epochs, gifting wearers a singular masterpiece, each echoing love stories of the past.


Modern Orientation: The East-West Settings

Paul Bram celebrates designs that break the mould yet remain eternally stylish. The East-West setting, showcasing gemstones horizontally, exemplifies this philosophy. It's a delightful twist on classic designs, giving them a renewed perspective. Rings crafted in this fashion are a contemporary nod to those who embrace modern elegance while cherishing enduring love.

Edith - East-West Emerald

Sculpted Radiance: The Praise for Elongated Stones

Elongated gemstones, masterfully crafted to perfection, find their way into the hearts of many. Their allure lies in how they gracefully adorn the fingers, capturing light in their facets and reflecting tales of enduring romance. Every gleam is a testament to a love destined to stand out, much like the love stories we cherish at Paul Bram. Be it an oval, a marquise, a pear shape, or even a cushion cut, the extended nature of these stones ensures that their brilliance is magnified, portraying a grandeur that transcends mere carat value.

Sunlit Bands: The Resurgence of Yellow Gold

One might consider what Carrie Bradshaw would think today, but yellow gold, with its gleaming aura, is the toast of the town. Creating a harmonious juxtaposition with sparkling diamonds, yellow gold shines anew. For those with an edgier palette, mixed metal bands are claiming their spotlight.


Tailored Tales: Personalised Ring Designs

Amidst the many sparkling trends, a special one is carving its niche – the bespoke engagement ring design. Contemporary lovebirds are enthralled by rings that echo their unique stories. This approach shatters conventions, allowing for every shared memory, passion, and intimate moment to be crystallised into the ring's design. From meaningful engravings to thoughtfully sourced gemstones, these custom creations are the new age tokens of profound love and distinctiveness.

Gemstone Engagement Rings

As 2024 fast approaches, engagement ring trends blend time-honoured traditions and avant-garde innovations. Every ring promises to be a testament to how love can be celebrated, from coloured stone choices to personalised diamond designs.