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By Prue Bell

Top 6 Engagement Ring Trend Predictions for 2024 - Part One

15 September 2023

Within the mesmerising universe of engagement rings, evolving trends paint a canvas of ever-deepening love and commitment. As we usher in 2024, Paul Bram-inspired luxury and contemporary relevance beckon to those preparing to make or renew a lifelong pledge. Here's a guide to navigating this luminous landscape.

The Bold Brilliance: Large and Lustrous

The call to action seems clear as we draw closer to 2024: "Dazzle with confidence." This year, lovers are gravitating towards designs that exude confidence. Those radiant halos now shine brighter and bolder, ensuring the ring remains an undoubted conversation starter.


Eternal Charms: The Ovals' Echo

Oval diamonds have long been a favourite, and their allure only seems to deepen. Their gracefully curved shape offers a refined aesthetic, bestowing elegance to the wearer's hand. Contrary to previous predictions, ovals are back—blending whimsical charm with enduring beauty.

Charming ovals

A Symphony in Stones

One is enchanting, but two or three? Simply mesmerising. While singular stones maintain their classic appeal, 2024 sees a flourish in designs that feature multiple diamonds. Love is expressed in more ways than one, be it the reminiscent 'Toi et Moi' duo or the royally inspired trilogy rings.

Toi et Moi

Singular Elegance: The Solitary Gem

Amidst the cascade of burgeoning styles, a single beacon remains— the unparalleled solitaire diamond. Its unadulterated beauty and striking radiance are a favourite for those who believe in pure, undiluted expressions of love.

Solitaire Diamond Rings

Unity in Selection

Gone are the days of the covert engagement ring hunt. Today, couples are indulging in the joy of joint selection. The emergence of "unity rings" captures this sentiment, encapsulating the essence of engagement and wedding commitments in one beautiful piece.


Vibrant Hues: Beyond the Conventional

2024 is breaking tradition, inviting vibrant gemstones to the engagement ring party. Beyond the classic diamond, rings adorned with colourful gemstones tell tales as old as time, be it the enthusiasm of a ruby or the tranquil depth of a sapphire.

Gemstone Engagement Rings

As 2024 fast approaches, engagement ring trends blend time-honoured traditions and avant-garde innovations. Every ring promises to be a testament to how love can be celebrated, from coloured stone choices to personalised diamond designs.