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By Tina Tran

Toi et Moi - What Makes This Style So Special?

03 April 2024

A Closer Look

In the ever-evolving world of jewellery, certain styles stand the test of time, enchanting generations with their unique charm and significance. Among these, the Toi et Moi ring holds a special place. Translated from French as "You and Me," this style symbolizes the intimate bond between two souls, making it a popular choice for engagement rings and romantic gifts. But what is it about the Toi et Moi design that captivates so many? Let's delve into its history, popularity, variations, and unique evolution into the exquisite Toujours piece by Paul Bram.

A Tale of Two Stones: The Legacy

The Toi et Moi ring has a rich history that dates back centuries, with its origins often credited to the early 18th century. However, its popularity surged in 1796 when Napoleon Bonaparte gifted Josephine de Beauharnais a ring featuring two contrasting stones set side by side. This gesture of love and unity was emblematic, setting the trend for romantic symbolism in jewellery that persists today. The juxtaposition of two stones is believed to represent the coming together of two individuals, their distinct qualities and lives merging into a harmonious and beautiful partnership.

Why The World Fell in Love with Toi et Moi

The enduring appeal of the Toi et Moi style lies in its profound symbolism and versatility. It appeals to those who seek a piece of jewellery that goes beyond mere decoration, to express a deeper narrative of connection and affection. Moreover, its historical significance and association with iconic love stories have made it a timeless choice for engagements, anniversaries, and special occasions. The style's adaptability to various gemstone combinations and designs also plays a significant role in its enduring popularity.

Crafting Your Symphony: The Art of Personalization

One of the remarkable aspects of the Toi et Moi design is its flexibility, allowing for endless personalization to reflect the wearer's taste and the couple's unique story. Jewellers can mix different shapes, such as a classic round diamond paired with a contemporary pear shape stone, to create a captivating visual contrast. Using varied coloured diamonds, like the sophisticated combination of white and champagne hues, adds another layer of customization. Furthermore, including different gems, such as the vibrant blue Ceylon sapphires juxtaposed with pristine white diamonds, introduces a spectrum of colour and meaning to the piece, making each ring a unique testament to individual love stories.

Reflecting Endless Personalization

Reflecting Endless Personalization

Toujours by Paul Bram: A Masterful Evolution

At Paul Bram, the traditional Toi et Moi style undergoes a magnificent evolution into the Toujours piece, a name that signifies "always" in French, echoing the eternal bond it represents. This unique design transcends the classic two-stone setting, introducing a third stone to symbolize a relationship's past, present, and future. The Toujours piece artfully combines an Asscher cut Ceylon Sapphire with two beautifully contrasting diamonds in heart and oval shapes. Set in fine handcrafted prong settings, this trio of stones blends different shapes and colours with unparalleled beauty and balance, showcasing Paul Bram's commitment to craftsmanship and innovative design.

Toi et Moi: Beyond a Trend

The Toi et Moi style is more than just a jewellery design; it is a narrative of love, partnership, and individuality. Its ability to encapsulate the essence of a relationship in a piece of jewellery is what makes it so special. With variations that cater to personal tastes and the innovative evolution seen in pieces like the Toujours by Paul Bram, the Toi et Moi style remains a timeless choice for those looking to express their unique bond. Whether through the classic two-stone setting or the enhanced three-stone design, Toi et Moi rings continue to symbolize love in its most beautiful form.