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By Prue Bell

Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Rings: Everything You Need To Know

24 February 2022

Everything you need to know about Pear shape diamonds

An alluring amalgam of the round and marquise-shaped diamond, the pear shape diamond – sometimes known as a teardrop – is an excellent option for an exquisite engagement ring.

Whereas marquise diamonds are essentially oval-shaped stones that terminate in a point at either end, the pear shape is a fabulous fusion of the traditional brilliant round and marquise cuts. So, you have a beautifully curved end – which arcs around to become a point at the other extremity – fashioning this much-admired form.

A unique fusion between marquise cut and oval

What is unique about a Pear-shaped diamond ring?

The pear shape is a stylish, sophisticated diamond shape – ideal for a special engagement ring. It is very much an individual and suits a person who prizes their own individuality. A pear shaped diamond engagement ring stands out from the crowd. As with oval-shaped and marquise-shaped diamonds, a pear shape diamond will tend to make your fingers and hands look more elongated and elegant.

You get the best of both worlds with a pear shape stone; all the 58 scintillating facets of the classic, ever-popular brilliant round, but with an extra element bringing unique personality and delighting. A pear shape diamond works wonderfully as a sensational centre stone or as an attractive accent.

What to look for in the pear-shape

What should I look for in a Pear-shaped diamond?

There are three main qualities that you should bear in mind when selecting a pear shape diamond. Firstly, the stone should present as super symmetrical and the shoulders should be absolutely even: viewed from above, the rounded sides should have exactly the same lines – you don’t want one side to be more angled or wider – and the pointed end should be precisely central. So that if you were to fold it in half lengthwise, the point would be right on the line of the fold and the curved sides would mirror each other perfectly.

Secondly, as a pear shape diamond shares the same number of facets as a brilliant round, it should shimmer and glimmer in just the same way.

Some pear shape diamonds may occasionally exhibit the ‘bowtie’ effect, which is a butterfly-shaped shadow in the central area of the gem. This is quite common with marquise diamonds.

The best pear shape stones should not have a ‘bowtie’. Thirdly, you want a stone with the right length to width ratio. The ideal for a pear shape diamond is 1 to 1.4-1.7. That means, if the gemstone’s width is 1, then its length should ideally be anywhere from 1.5-1.7, pro rata. That allows you some room to move though. Some may prefer a longer, narrower sparkler, others a more voluptuous dazzler. 

How should I wear a Pear-shaped diamond?

Should you wear it point up or down? Some women who have just said ‘yes!’ might not know the right way to wear their stunning new ring.

Well, the good news is that you can wear it either way! But, it is far more common to wear pear shape diamonds with the point facing toward the tips of your fingers. Some wearers of pear shape diamonds do marvel at the teardrop look; that is, when the hand is held up to behold the bling, the diamond looks like a teardrop falling.

Especially at night time, or in a dark setting; poignant and beautiful. Also, for the visual effect of elongation of fingers and hand, the stone should be worn with point facing forward. 

Which settings work best with Pear-shaped diamonds?

Being such a particular shape, and this being a major part of the pear shape diamond’s charisma, solitaire is an ideal setting. It’s the most popular poise for the stone on diamond engagement rings. It is important that pear shape diamonds are protected by special prongs on the pointed ends.

So, typically, a solitaire setting will have three prongs, giving the sensuous shape plenty of space to shine. In this scenario, a simple, stylish band in your choice of platinum or one of the golds is perfect, and the centre stone steals the show, as it should. But you could certainly jazz it up with additional details and accents to the band. Alternatively, a bezel-set stone is a bold, contemporary look. It looks sleek and streamlined, and the strip of metal wrapping around the diamond gives it added protection. Another option is to go halo. A legion of tiny diamond accents around the hero is a halo; a captivating style that functions fantastically with the fancy-shaped diamonds.  

What about Pear-shaped coloured stones?

You can get gorgeous pink, yellow, blue, black, champagne and all the coloured diamonds in a pear shape. The pear shape pink diamond engagement ring is particularly spectacular! Precious gemstones – such as sapphires in all sorts of colours, and rich red rubies – look amazing in teardrop form. A pear shape-coloured stone is a great option for an ultra-unique, exciting engagement ring.

Teardrop accents

Pear shape diamonds are often used in more elaborate settings as accents when they’re not centre stage. They are typically found on engagement rings flanking a fabulous centre stone such as an Oval-shaped or Asscher cut diamond, the points directed along the band.

Colourless pear shape diamonds regularly feature as accents on either side of a lovely coloured centre stone, like an emerald, helping to highlight and bring out loads of light and chroma around it. 

Perfect for a princess

Famous rings sporting pear shape stones include the massive 69 carat diamond ring given to Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton, a diamond and sapphire ring Napoleon Bonaparte gave to Josephine and the incredible orange diamond ring Willem Alexander of the Netherlands proffered to his princess. 

A pear shape or teardrop diamond is a terrific choice of gem for someone who is looking for that real one-off, glamorous statement stone for their engagement ring. If you choose a pear shape diamond you have to take very good care of your ring, as the shape is more delicate than a round or square gem, obviously, and needs to be lovingly looked after. A teardrop diamond makes a terrific engagement ring for the individual seeking a modern, urbane look.