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By Sam Thomas

Linneys Argyle Pink Diamond Tiara

15 January 2021

By Asprey of London

The Linneys Argyle Pink Diamond Tiara is a much-feted piece originally designed by the famous royal jewellers ‘Asprey of London’ in 2010. It comprises 178 of some of the most splendid pink stones from the Argyle mine. The design encapsulates a breathtaking combination of fairy-tale, royalty, rarity and modern elegance in a uniquely Euro-Australian way. 

It is regarded as one of the most important items of jewellery in the world which showcases pink diamonds. 

It was exhibited at Kensington Palace for the Queen’s diamond jubilee. Only 11 international jewellers had the honour of being invited to take part in the exclusive event, with Linneys of Perth being extremely proud to represent Australia, along with 2 others.

The 20-carat tiara features a Fancy Vivid pear-cut pink diamond at the centre, which can be removed and worn as a ring.

The Linneys Argyle Pink Diamond Tiara is considered to be a conspicuous ambassador of Australian culture and heritage. It is valued at over 3 million dollars.

Champagne and Brown Diamonds from the Argyle

The Argyle operation is of course best known for its pink diamonds, but it also supplied many brown and ‘champagne’ diamonds, which are very smart and sophisticated-looking stones. They have been gaining popularity recently. 

Following the closure of the Argyle Mine, the demand for champagne diamonds has increased greatly.

The Argyle Mine has also produced many amazing gems in blue, purple and violet colours, many of which are regarded as very important specimens. 

These colours are undeniably ‘so hot right now’. In vogue and on-trend – pinks, reds and magenta variations are the ubiquitous players in jewellery catalogues and shows around the world, along with their cousins such as amethysts and pale sapphires.

There has never been a more pertinent time to purchase an Argyle Diamond.

A Rare History

The Argyle Pink Diamond

A Rare History

The Argyle Pink Diamond