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By Prue Bell

Everything You Need to Know About Ruby Engagement Rings

15 December 2023

A Striking Presence

Embarking on a journey to find the perfect engagement ring can lead to discovering timeless classics and unique treasures. Among these, ruby engagement rings stand out for their deep, captivating allure. With their rich red hues and striking presence, ruby rings offer an alternative that is both luxurious and deeply symbolic.

The Charm of Ruby Rings: A Blend of Rarity and Beauty

Rubies, known for their vibrant red colour, have long been a symbol of passion and love, making them an exquisite choice for an engagement ring. The value of a ruby ring hinges mainly on the quality of the centre stone. A ruby with a rich, deep red colour paired with clear, unblemished beauty is considered exceptionally valuable. Commonly set in yellow or rose gold to complement their warm tones, rubies also pair beautifully with a variety of other metals, offering versatility in design.

A Rich History and Diverse Origins

Sourced from locations as varied as Burma, Afghanistan, and even parts of the United States, rubies are rare and steeped in history and cultural significance. The allure of unique ruby engagement rings has been heightened by notable pieces like Fergie's renowned ruby and diamond ring. While the classic blood-red ruby is most coveted, diamonds paired with blue rubies have also gained prominence, reflecting the gemstone's versatile appeal.

Start With A Stone

From the most precious of stones, find what speaks to your heart and build your dream ring around it.

Start With A Stone

From the most precious of stones, find what speaks to your heart and build your dream ring around it.

Symbolism and Meaning: More Than Just a Gemstone

Rubies have transcended their status as mere gemstones to become symbols of powerful emotions. Representing desire through their rich red colour, rubies also embody love and courage. Myths even suggest that rubies are not stones but solidified fire with the power to ignite passion. Known as the "Stone of Nobility," rubies are believed to bring light, peace, and harmony, making them an ideal choice for engagement rings.

Designing Your Dream Ruby and Diamond Ring

From classic ruby solitaires to three-stone designs and ruby accent rings, the choices are as rich as the gemstone itself. Adding diamonds to a ruby ring enhances its appeal, creating a striking balance of colour and brilliance. Imagine a white gold ruby solitaire ring; its deep red centre gem captures attention effortlessly. Add accent diamonds along the band, and the ring transforms into a breathtaking piece of art.

A Smart Choice: Balancing Beauty and Budget

Opting for a ruby ring accented with diamonds can be a cost-effective choice. While rubies are rarer and often more valuable than diamonds, playing with the combination of these gemstones can lead to a stunning yet budget-friendly engagement ring.

Popular Cuts and Settings: Showcasing Ruby's Best

The round cut remains a favoured choice for ruby engagement rings, emphasising the gemstone's key attributes while being cost-effective. Oval rubies offer elegance and a more prominent appearance, while cushion cuts lend a vintage charm to the ring. With their defined edges, square-shaped rubies pair well with similar sharp-edged gemstones, making them among the top choices for engagement rings.

Selecting the Perfect Metal for Your Ruby Ring

Yellow gold is a classic favourite when choosing the metal, especially when paired with diamonds. Its rich colour enhances the ruby's depth and the diamond's sparkle. With its softer hue, rose gold complements ruby engagement rings beautifully, especially in all-ruby designs. White gold and platinum are excellent choices for a more contemporary look, particularly in designs where diamonds play a more prominent role.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: What makes ruby engagement rings unique?

A: Ruby rings stand out for their deep red colour, symbolising love and passion, making them a unique and meaningful choice for an engagement ring.

Q: Can I pair a ruby with different metals and gemstones?

A: Absolutely, rubies pair beautifully with a variety of metals, including yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum, and can be complemented by diamonds for added brilliance.

Q: How should I clean my ruby ring?

A: To maintain the lustre of your ruby ring, gently clean it at home using a specialized fine jewellery cleaner or a mild, non-abrasive dish soap and warm water solution. For thorough cleaning, it's advisable to visit a jeweller who can expertly use ultrasonic and steam cleaning techniques to remove all grease and residue without damaging the gemstone.

Q: On which finger should I wear my ruby ring?

A: If your ruby ring is an engagement ring, it is traditionally worn on the left hand's ring finger. However, if it's a statement piece, an anniversary ring, or a right-hand ring, it is commonly worn on the middle or ring finger of the right hand, allowing for personal expression and style.

In conclusion, ruby engagement rings are a testament to timeless elegance, offering a blend of deep symbolism, historical significance, and unmatched beauty. Whether you're drawn to the classic blood-red ruby or a modern design accentuated with diamonds, a ruby engagement ring from Paul Bram is more than a piece of jewellery; it symbolises enduring love.