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By Prue Bell

Caring for Your Jewellery: A Guide to Long-Lasting Elegance

12 May 2023

Caring for Your Jewellery

At Paul Bram, we understand the timeless allure of jewellery, so we handcraft each piece with durability and strength in mind. Proper care and maintenance allow your jewellery to retain its beauty for a lifetime and beyond. In this comprehensive guide, we'll share valuable tips on protecting and preserving your precious pieces. From avoiding damage during activities to regular cleaning and professional maintenance, these practices will ensure that your jewellery remains as stunning as the day you acquired it.

Gentle Care and Protection

To safeguard your jewellery, removing it before engaging in activities that can cause damage is essential.

Please remove your jewellery to avoid unnecessary harm, whether it's rigorous work, sports, swimming, showering, or cleaning and cooking with corrosive substances.

Additionally, be mindful of knocking your jewellery against hard surfaces or exposing it to excessive force.

Regular Cleaning Rituals

Frequently worn jewellery is exposed to oils, dirt, and various products like moisturisers and hairsprays.

Regular cleaning is crucial to prevent the build-up of grime and dirt. You can efficiently perform a basic cleaning at home using a few different methods.

Gently wash and brush your jewellery in a bowl of warm water and mild detergent. Alternatively, soak it in a mixture of 1 part ammonia and 5 parts cold water, repeating if needed, and patting dry.

Following the manufacturer's instructions, you can also use liquid jewellery cleaner or an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner.

Always ensure your jewellery is completely dry before storing it.

Professional Maintenance and Inspections

An annual inspection by a qualified jeweller is recommended for diamond jewellery to ensure the security of settings. This suggestion becomes particularly important if your jewellery is worn daily.

A jeweller can also polish your jewellery and address any tarnishing, scratches, or other damage. Some metals, such as white gold, may require regular re-plating to maintain strength and appearance.

For storage and travel

With the proper care and attention, your jewellery from Paul Bram will continue to radiate beauty and captivate for years to come.

By following our expert guidance on care, cleaning, professional maintenance, and storage, you'll ensure your precious pieces remain as breathtaking as the day you received them.

Everlasting beauty

To prevent scratching, store diamond jewellery separately. Use soft-lined boxes with compartments or individual pouches to keep your necklaces and earrings tangle-free.

Opt for a cool, dry location to store your jewellery boxes. Invest in a high-quality travel case designed specifically for jewellery to provide optimum protection.

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